This body of works was inspired by the novel “Un amore” by Dino Buzzati, talinkg about a sad and melancholic love, made of waiting, frustration and misunderstandings, in a very middle-class and dynamic Milan.

At that time my paintings were focused on the human body, particularly female, I was starting to incorporate text in my artworks, like in the ones inspired by “The Doors” songs. My styile was developing a lot, I was experimenting with new techniques and colors, but I needed to find some “fil rouge” to connect more my paintings each other.

This novel was just what I needed!

The paintings from this series are quiet big (70 x 100 cm and one 100 x 120 cm) made in mixed media and in two different styles, with a specific and limited palette. The bodies are quiet realistic, the backgrounds are full of abstract strokes. Every single painting is trying to bring you to the novel’s atmospheres, that’s why there’s always a woman in every painting, representing the main character in the novel, Laide.

The text in every painting comes from the novel!


Artworks included in this series: 70 x 100 cm, 2015-2016

  • “Un amore – Lei”
  • “Il richiamo alla propagazione”
  • “E’ tutto un gioco”
  • “Non è sua”
  • “Io sono la nuvola”
  • “La ballerina della Scala”
  • “Creatura degna di vivere”
  • “Trappola da cafoni di provincia” – 100 x 120 cm

Technique: mixed media on canvas (acrylics, ballpens, markers, colored pencils and chalk, paper, rice glue)


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