Are you looking for a custom illustration for you or someone special? You’re in the right place!

My illustrations are about you, who you are and what you do, they tell about your essence, your favorite things, your moments and memories; with these drawings I’m telling something about the real you, your friendship or your couple.

It could be that book you just finished reading, that movie you’ve watched wrapped in your cozy blanket with him on the couch or maybe that TV series you like to binge-watch at night. We can tell about that walk in the park you’re doing every day or maybe that little trip with your family or even that city you’ve just visited and you’re already missing.

What about including your favorite food? That’s a really nice idea, I love drawing food! Could you think at some dish you’ve just tasted or cooked that you want to put in?

We can also think about that coffee with your friends, or maybe that dress you can’t stop wearing, that accessory you founded in a lovely vintage shop, or even that song you’re always singing.

A while ago I created two personal project (find more here and here) and I’m now turining them into something more personal and special for you!


You just need to go here choose the size you prefer and purchase the illustration. Then you need to fill the file you can find down below (find it in this same page, Italian version, switch language on top of the web page) with all the information needed about the items I should draw and if you want me to include some text. Then send me that and some pictures and referred links at:

These illustrations are composed by several items, choose how many you’d like to include in this artwork following my guidelines for every artwork size down below. You can choose to have some hand lettered descriptive text or not (same price).

Every illustration is made in mixed media (watercolors, markers, pens, colored pencils) on high quality watercolor paper.

Take a look at my galleries to know a little bit more about my style, if you like it, you will love this illustration!

After purchasing the artwork in the size you prefer, follow this link and download the file you need to fill with the information about the items we’re going to include in the artwork. Send me that and some pictures or related links at

After 2-3 working days you will receive a pencil sketch; we can change something and after your approval I will start with the final artwork. This could take 3 working day and it’s ready to be shipped to you!

Read all the details about the sizes and terms in my Etsy shop!