November has already gone, we have lot of snow here in north Italy right now, but I’m not really ready to get into the Christmas mood since we still have to check the illustrated favorites I did for the past month! Did you remember this project? Every month I’m picking a creative or freelancer that I really want you to meet or know better and I’m illustrating his/her favorites! Find more about this project here and here!

You really liked this initiative and I’m enjoying illustrating that too! The last one was with the talented illustrator Sara Elan Donati but the first one was in September with Rita Bellati from Mys Cottage’s favorites. I invited you all to be the stars for the next months and Ornella Sprizzi answered the call; she’s a blogger and business coach, founder of Mammamatta and Mums Gonna Make. I’m in love with her favorites!

Pic Ornella Sprizzi – Mammamatta


Pic Ornella Sprizzi – Mammamatta

Here they are, clockwise from above:

  1. Rome and the via Appia Antica
  2. The word “Serendipity”, always coming back in her life, espacially in November.
  3. Walking in the woods with her three kids
  4. Hemingway’s typewriter (birthday gift from her husband)
  5. Growing old together, since her and his birthdays are both in November
  6. Flu with a view
  7. Laughing with her friends and colleagues at the “Mondo Creativo” in Bologna
  8. The pumpkin bread

Do you like it?

If you’d like to enter this project you can leave a comment down below or you can write me here

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