Do you remember the Back to School illustration I did a month ago, in which I’ve drawn 10 items handmade by some independent Italian makers? You really enjoyed this idea that’s why I decided to reintroduce it again, inspired by the fall season, which I’m enjoying more than usual! They’re all items I really appreciate and I hope you will love them too, let me know what do you think about these makers and this illustration!

As for the first “Sustainable illustrated Outfit” I did, you can find this artwork as a free printable in my download area!

Clockwise from above:

  1. “Oblò” Hoodie Comeleciliegie
  2. Tulle skirt Gruccialterna
  3. Shoes La Babette
  4. Necklace Aspettaevedrai
  5. Backpack Guapamole Lab
  6. Headband La casa nel vento Lab
  7. Pouch Danilla Bag
  8. Chai Tea Melissa Erboristeria
  9. Felt brooch Non Solo Nuvole
  10. Pottery earrings Le Roselline


Thanks for reading and see you soon


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