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It’s been a while since we met here, but things are going to change in this blog! September is here with new projects and many ideas.

Today I wanted to tell you one thing, maybe two! The first one is that there’s finally a download page in my website! Hooray! It’s still a work in progress, but I really wanted to publish it straight away because I needed to upload something special for you! So, let’s talk about the second thing…

Some weeks ago I (virtually) bumped into Carotilla aka Camilla Mendini. If you still don’t know her, she’s an italian graphic designer and mama now living in New York City and she runs this beautiful YouTube channel in which she speaks, among other things, about sustainable fashion. I’ve always been really sensitive about this topic, even if sometimes it’s hard for me to be free from fast fashion. I’ve always been a vintage lover and I love to give things a second chance.

After browsing through Camilla’s channel and her second Instagram profile, I thought I would love to contribuite in this “fast fashion fight”, not just buying less or more consciously.

You may have noticed that I’m often making fashion illustrations and I love that but, for my personal projects, I never cared if the items I was illustrating were sustainable or not. I know this could be a very nonsense thinking but I decided to care a bit more about the items I pick when I’m illustrating clothes and accessories and to focus more on italian (or not) makers and artists that I already know or that I’m currently following for they’re beautiful creations. From these rantings I created this illustration featuring a “Back to school” outfit and drawing 10 items created by few talented makers (the 11th one is my To Do list Notepad featuring the NYC yellow taxi, since we’re talking about back to school/work 😉 )

This artwork is available for free in my download area, so you can print it by yourself! I leave a description of the items and the makers. Hope you like it, this could be a blog column that I could share every month, what do you think?

Clockwise, from above:

  1. Brass ring from Piera Romeo Design 
  2. Headband from Fils des Rêves   
  3. Backpack by Carlottinalab
  4. Planner from Lalunanelcomo 
  5. To Do List notepad PolkaDotsEmpire
  6. Socks from Un Peu Sauvage 
  7. Pouch by Rocchettiepois 
  8. Earrings from Eilish gioielli 
  9. Pencilcase from Calzetterosselab 
  10. Shirt Nivule+pescirossi 
  11. Necklace SeGu2014 

Thanks for reading and see you soon


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6 Responses

  1. chiaraluna

    Adoro quando una settimana pessima diventa una settimana megagalattica. Trovare il ritratto della mia fidata in un bellissimo e stilosissimo articolo di un altrettanto bellissimo e stilosissimo blog é davvero una faccenda mitica! Grazie mille. :* Chiaraluna di Lalunanelcomò

    • PolkaDotsEmpire

      Carissima Chiara! Felice di aver rallegrato la tua settimana 🙂 Ho trovato le tue creazioni su Etsy e mi sono piaciute subito! Se spulci i miei profili Instagram e Facebook trovi l’illustrazione anche lì! Ho cercato di taggarti ma non mi sembra di aver trovato il tuo profilo! Bellissima la tua Fidata 🙂

  2. Simona a fiSh on a cloud

    Ciao! Ti ho appena scoperta e già ti amo. Mi sembra un’idea fantastica ti seguirò certamente e mi è anche venuta un’ideuzza di collaborazione da proporti. Ti scrivo più avanti in pvt.

    • PolkaDotsEmpire

      Ciao Simona! Ma grazie, sono molto contenta 🙂 Va bene, attendo tue notizie, non lasciarmi troppo sulle spine che sono una persona curiosissima 🙂

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