Hello guys! How are you? Hope you’re doing well! It’s been a while since I wanted to write this post, but I was really working hard to set up my booth for the event San Salvario EmporiumI joined this beautiful indipendent market in which you can find crafters and creatives from Turin and other italian cities! I was really scared because I never took part in handmade markets, but it went really well and I’m happy I did that! Listening to the appreciations of my work from all the people at my booth was really satisfying!

Anyway… I was writing this post because I wat to tell you a little bit more about my latest collection. If you didn’t know this yet, I recently came out with this brand new stationery collection for my shop, which is connected to my first fanzine called “Stripes”.

The idea of illustrating a ‘zine started some months ago, as I mentioned here. I’m a really curious person and being a self-taught illustrator and artist I always try to be updated, making online researches and reading a lot, in search of new techniques, illustrators and artists to be inspired by. That’s how I started reading about this self-publishing world, which was born years before social media came out. I started creating my own ‘zine after reading other fanzines and watching lots of videos about this topic, then I published mine some weeks ago.



As you may have noticed this collection is all about stripes and most of the illustrations are really connected with summertime; they all have a romantic flavor and a minimal style, due to the black and white and to the techniques I used to paint them such as acrylics, markers and pens.

I dind’t wanted the ‘zine to came out by herself! Since it was really fun designing the Taxi collection I wanted to create some stationery products again!

Since I started with this “smallbiz I often make lots of online resarches and I’m always taking notes. The most important ones are collected in a notebook I call “The Bible” ;-D  but I really needed a notepad instead of random pieces of paper I always lose.

That’s why I decided to design this type of notepad, suitable for fast, daily notes but cute at the same time, really different from the to do list pads I made in the Taxi collection. It features the Stripes zine’s illustrations and then I designed the notebook. They’re both in A5 size and both lined, perfect for your bag, for your work and for school! Available in my shop individually or in seth with both of them with a special price! The inside cover features some hand painted stripes, as the outside cover of the Stripes fanzine!

With every purchase from this collection you will also have a stripes collection’s postcard for free!

What do you think? Do you like it? I’m really pleased with the result!


Love, Cinzia xx

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