A while ago I discovered the fanzines’ world and I was totally in love with that! There’s really a self-publishing’s universe out there! I have fallen in love with the zines from Eleonora Marton, then I was searching more information on the fanzine’s creative process and I founded lots of video, among them Abby Cole‘s videos were really useful!

At this point I really needed to create my own zine! So I picked a topic and I started working on the illustrations. I decided to work on the stripes’ topic because I love them (in addition to polka dots, OF COURSE); we found stripes on so many things like clothings, accessories, daily objects, but not only there… The most funny thing is that if you really open your eyes, you can find them everywhere!



This is a zine with a minimal and romantic flavor, feminine and really simple, with lots of references to summer and beach times.

Every illustration is paintend with markers, pens and acrylics and features an hand lettered description.

This is a limited edition of 30 pieces available in my shop. Every fanzine was folded and binded by me in my home studio.

I will soon add more details with another post, it’s not over! Something new is coming this Saturday!


Love, Cinzia xx



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