Some months ago I have decided to introduce new products in my shop, to make it more rich and more varied. I wanted my illustrations to be able to take life on daily use objects, in additions to prints!

I have suddenly thought to create notebooks, because, let’s face it, I’m a nerd that always spends hours and hours in stationery shops, staring at fabulous notebooks I don’t really need (really!). Moreover when I started this small business I had to learn to be more organized. That’s when another of my big passions was born, the one for “things to be done” lists; I love to check the “done things” from my list! (Now I’m a big nerd!). Besides, having a notebook in my hands was really helpful, in order to take notes I needed to grow up my business. So, I thought it was the perfect product to start with!

One of the things that more inspires my illustrations is travelling. I love to travel and to take photos, to capture moments and places. I would have liked so much to bring details from one of my trips into these new products. So when I thought back to my trip to USA in 2011, one of the first things I reminded was the yellow Taxis in NYC and I thought it was simply perfect! From that I started thinking of adding the London black cabs to my notebooks, two icons of two of the most beautiful cities in the world!



So I started developing the project and working on some sketches for the notebooks’ covers.


I wanted the taxis to be the main focus, but the ironic and fresh side of Polka Dots Empire needed also to stand out, so, why not adding a polka dots pattern to the cover’s background? Including hand lettered texts came very naturally. I created the first draft, with simple black ink illustrations, digitally coloured.



Once completed I wasn’t really satisfied. I wanted the hand – drawn and hand – written side to stand out more. Besides I realized that wasn’t really my style. That’s when I have taken my beloved watercolors, markers and colored pencils and the final illustrations came out really easy!

I also adjusted texts and the “NOTES” label, practicing with a black brush pen and trying to find my own voice in the hand lettering world!





A short time afterwards also the notepads were born, with my beloved “things to be done” lists and the satisfying check boxes on the right side and the hand painted “TO DO LIST”!

I have adored them suddenly!






So, this is more or less the whole story behind my Taxi Collection! I’m so happy to have made them and having followed this project from the beginning to the end, not allowing some complications discouraging me along the process! I hope to fill my shop with brand new products very soon and to get you falling in love with them!

If you spend hours in stationery shops and you’re a “notebooks addicted” like me (and please, let me know if you do, I don’t want to be the only nerdy stationery shop’s stalker!!)  take a look at the whole collection in my shop!


Love, Cinzia xx


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